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New TuneBlock White Paper available!

Boston Audio TuneBlocks are our award-winning line of equipment supports. Made from the same grade of carbon as our acclaimed record mats and finished with the same proprietary sealing process, TuneBlocks offer a level of performance leagues beyond their price. Completely expanded and refined in 2006 with the launch of the Series 2, TuneBlocks now offer more performance and application options than ever.

TuneBlocks utilize the uniquely low acoustic impedance of carbon graphite to efficiently drain mechanical energy from audio components, while simultaneously isolating the component from the shelf or table supporting it. You'll notice reduced transient smearing and increased resolution through the reduction of the components' noise floor. TuneBlocks also improve localization of instruments and create a wider and deeper sound stage. Use TuneBlocks with CD/DVD/SACD players, DACs, preamps, amps, turntables and even speakers ("S" model) to reveal detail and clarity you haven’t heard before. Unlike some other footer products, TuneBlocks offer gains anyone can hear without leaving a sonic signature of its own.

"...the tonal richness of the music eclipsed the previous standard set by the combination of Stillpoints on a Symposium Acoustics Svelte Shelf."
Rick Becker

Each block is machined from a billet of high purity carbon graphite (not molded carbon fiber) and contain between one and seven cubic inches of carbon, depending on the model. Once shaped, the blocks are finished using our proprietary sealant applied with an automotive-quality spray finishing system. The stationary bearing is used as a coupler between the component and the carbon block. This concentrates the weight of the component into a small area, allowing vibrations to be more efficiently drained into the carbon block. Equipment does not wobble on the bearing like other designs.

"They were audibly superior to the previous feet, adding a general clarity and better soundstaging that made the Sony player [$299] - when playing an identical multichannel SACD to one in the $2200 more expensive Integra player - sound nearly identical."

John Sunier
Audiophile Audition

All TuneBlock products now ship with tungsten carbide bearings as standard equipment. Tungsten carbide is harder and denser than any readily available material (steel, aluminum, ceramic, etc.) and is more efficient at channeling vibration from the component into the graphite.

There are four models in the TuneBlocks range:

TuneBlock SE

At $299/set including tungsten carbide bearings, our flagship "Special Edition" (SE) TuneBlock represents the culmination of over two years of research and development. Building on the award-winning TuneBlock XT, the SE takes the XT's best-in-class performance to the next level.

The SE incorporates the following refinements:

  • Mass – Each TuneBlock SE has more than twice the mass of our standard TuneBlocks, a critical factor in getting the best performance possible.

  • Improved Bearing – Our new SE tungsten carbide bearing has 50% more mass than our standard tungsten carbide bearing. In addition, SE bearings have been cryogenically treated for increased hardness and molecular conformity. We are the only manufacturer to cryogenically treat bearings.

  • Recessed Base – A 2mm recess is machined into the base of each SE block, further isolating the block from your shelf or table. This feature minimizes a potential source of performance loss.

By incorporating proven high performance materials and an ingeniously simple design, the TuneBlock SE represents the pinnacle of footer performance regardless of cost. For customers who need the absolute best, the TuneBlock SE is it. Each TuneBlock SE measures 2.5" in diameter and is 1.5" tall. Exclusive high performance tungsten carbide bearings are included.

TuneBlock Standard XT

Priced at just $199/set, the Series 2 XT incorporates design features borrowed from our new TuneBlock SE - notably a 2mm recess machined into the base of the block. This design feature reduces contact with the shelf, minimizing a major potential source of performance loss. Coupled with the tungsten carbide bearing upgrade, TuneBlocks XT Series 2 represent true "cost no object" performance that can go head-to-head with any competing product, regardless of price. Priced at $199 per set of three. Each TuneBlock XT measures 2" in diameter and is 1.5" tall.

TuneBlock Standard

The newly designed TuneBlock Standard Series 2 represents a further refinement of the original TuneBlock Standard (now offered as the TuneBlock Classic). Turned on a precision CNC lathe, Series 2 TuneBlocks are sleeker and offer better finish quality than before - while retaining the same award-winning performance. These blocks are recommended over the taller XT TuneBlocks when lower height is required - for example, when working in confined shelf spaces. Coupled with the tungsten carbide bearing upgrade, these footers are the benchmark to which any competing design may be compared. Priced at $159 per set of three. Each TuneBlock Standard measures 2" in diameter and is 1" tall.

New - TuneBlocks for Speakers and Other Spiked Components

TuneBlock S

Since the launch of the TuneBlocks line in January 2005, customers have asked about using TuneBlocks with speakers. We're excited to announce a brand new concept in speaker isolation with our TuneBlock S. The "S" stands for "spikes" because the TuneBlock S includes a tough stainless steel insert capable of taking almost any type of speaker spike. Load tested up to 250 pounds per footer, the TuneBlock S can support just about anything out there.

Based around our Series 2 Standard TuneBlock, the TuneBlock S raises your speaker by only an inch - almost perfectly preserving your current speaker setup. And since these footers simply accommodate your existing speaker spikes, installation is quick and easy. Use these TuneBlocks on any spiked component, including heavy amplifiers. Each TuneBlock S is 2" in diameter, 1" tall, and includes a 0.75" stainless steel insert with a 0.5" countersunk dimple. Priced at $159 per set of 4.

Common Questions

Since most TuneBlocks have bearings, will my component wobble?

No. Rather than diffusing energy through the unpredictable motion of a moving ball, TuneBlocks absorb energy through the unique molecular structure of carbon. A bearing is simply the most efficient, cost effective tool for transferring energy from the component and into the block – especially the tungsten carbide bearing. Since the bearing doesn’t roll, bearing chatter is eliminated, performance isn’t compromised by dirt and dust, and bass response remains linear – unlike traditional bearing footers.

Is there a weight limit?

While graphite is formed from loosely bound layers of carbon molecules, it is extremely tolerant of direct pressure – each TuneBlock should theoretically be able to support approximately 1,000 pounds of pressure before crumbling. We have load tested our standard and larger blocks to over 200 pounds.

Are there other uses of TuneBlocks?

TuneBlocks may be placed on top of component cases and output transformers to dampen vibration. With the TuneBlock S, they may also be used under speakers. If your speakers do not have spikes, we recommend using standard TuneBlocks without the bearing to avoid harming the wood veneer.

Do you have a money-back guarantee?

Absolutely. We are so confident you’ll like our products that we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If you’re unhappy with your purchase for any reason, you’ll get a full refund of the purchase price.

TuneBlocks Series 2 Standard (tungsten carbide bearings): $159 (set of three - 1 inch high)

TuneBlocks Series 2 XT (tungsten carbide bearings): $199 (set of three - 1.5 inches high)

TuneBlocks S: $159 (set of four - 1 inch high)

TuneBlocks SE (larger cryogenically treated tungsten carbide bearings): $299 (set of three - 1.5 inches high)

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