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"Best of 2005 Equipment Award" from Enjoy The Music
We're very pleased to announce that Boston Audio's TuneBlock and Mat 1 products have been selected for a "Best of 2005 Equipment Award" from Enjoy The Music. We would like to thank Enjoy The Music for this honor.

"As I look back on 2005, the components that excited me the most, and made the largest contribution to my system, were two products from an upstart company that challenged and even surpassed similar products I had been using in my system. That they did so for such a modest cost adds to my delight, for they bring to the system improvements that would cost upwards into the thousands of dollars for component upgrades. Furthermore, they will most likely benefit my future purchases on the audiophile merry-go-round, thereby avoiding obsolescence. I speak of Boston Audio, headed by Austin Jackson, and thank him for pursuing his research with carbon graphite that lead to the development of the Mat 1 turntable mat, which worked wonders on my Linn turntable, and the TuneBlocks with the tungsten carbide bearing upgrade, which took all my source components to new heights."

Rick Becker
Enjoy The Music

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