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The Mat 1

Machined from pure carbon and finished by hand, the Mat 1 has been praised by audiophiles worldwide for helping them uncover more detail, nuance and music than they ever thought possible from their hi-fi. For less than the cost of an entry-level MM cartridge, owners of tables from Linn, Rega, VPI, Nottingham, Garrard, Kuzuma, Basis, and countless others have discovered how easy it is to take their tables to the next level.

The Mat 1 is a direct replacement for any turntable Mat. Through the use of pure carbon and proprietary tuning techniques, the Mat 1 offers a unique acoustical impedance ideally suited to the platter/vinyl interface. Please read our white paper for more information on the technology behind the Mat 1.

Users notice a marked increase in resolution, microdynamics and clarity. Sometimes it's startling... as if someone turned up the volume. But most importantly, these gains are not achieved at the expense of a natural, musical presentation - there's nothing sterile about the gains achieved with the Mat 1. In fact, many customers report that the mat helps them enjoy all kinds of music - not just the same reference recordings. Music flows more easily with a greater sense of ease and texture. You truly have to hear the Mat 1 to understand the benefits it offers.

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Material and Design

The specific grade of carbon selected for the Mat 1 was painstakingly chosen from a variety of samples that differed significantly in their acoustical properties. The physical design was also chosen to enhance the beneficial effect of using pure carbon graphite, including a 0.5mm cut out that accommodates the paper label of all records, ensuring the maximum contact between the mat and vinyl. The Mat 1 is 3mm thick and 295mm in diameter.


The Mat 1 is machined on a high-speed CNC lathe to tolerances of +/- 0.005 inches. Once the final shape is achieved, the Mat is polished at nearly 4,000 RPM to remove 90+ percent of the loose carbon particles on the surface, leaving the Mat a silver-gray color.

Extraordinary care was given in choosing an appropriate sealant for the Mat 1 to prevent residue from contacting your vinyl while preserving the unique sonic properties of the material. Each side if the Mat 1 receives three micro thin coats of a proprietary sealant that are applied by hand with automotive-quality HVLP spray systems.

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