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CD Stabilizer

Please note: The CD Stabilizer is a discontinued product. It is listed here for archive purposes only.

Made from a specialized form of isostatically molded graphite with particle sizes under 5 microns, our new CD Stabilizer represents the pinnacle of current disk dampening technology. Just 1.2mm thick and CNC machined to tolerances within 0.0005", the mat absorbs mechanical vibration and enhances speed stability, revealing a more relaxed and airy presentation that you may have though possible from a digital source.

We currently recommend that CD Stabilizer for top loading (or drawer loading with a magnetic puck) CD transports. To see if the stabilizer is compatible with your transport, try loading playing 2 disks at the same time. If it works, the mat is compatible. Keep in mind, however, that clamps smaller than 35mm will be 0.5mm closer to the disk with the CD Stabilizer.

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