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TunePlates are a unique isolation system that can be used just about anywhere in a hifi system, with or without TuneBlocks. Measuring 76.4mm (3") square and just 3mm (1/8") in height, TunePlates are ideal for applications in which a component's height cannot be changed.

Each TunePlates is a stainless steel and elastomer sandwich. The first layer is a thick sheet of stainless steel that's strong enough to withstand spikes from the heaviest speakers. Next is a proprietary elastomer layer. Finally, a thiner layer of stainless steel completes the sandwich.

How to use TunePlates? Here are some ideas:

  • Under any footer such as TuneBlocks, including under the TuneBlocks S when used with speakers
  • Under speaker or rack spikes
  • Between mini monitors and stands
  • Between speakers and the floor with the speaker spikes removed
  • Between the TuneBlock and the component
  • Under a component's stock footers, especially if a hard footer design made of aluminum, stainless steel, or carbon fiber

Here's what people are saying about TunePlates:

The TunePlates, when used directly under the spikes of my floorstanding loudspeakers, contributed a uniform improvement in focus that belies their modest cost. When used in direct contact with the bottom of the chassis of electrical components, particularly with source components and tube gear, the results can be even more impressive with side benefits of improved pace, rhythm, timing and dynamics.... The combination of the TuneBlock SE and the TunePlates is, quite simply, world class.

Rick Becker
Enjoy The Music

Try TunePlates for yourself. Click the link below to order.

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