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VPI Scout Upgrade Kit

Please note: This kit is a discontinued product. It is listed here for archive purposes only.

Answering customer requests for a carbon upgrade solution for the popular VPI Scout line of turntables, Boston Audio is now offering the VPI Scout Upgrade Kit. Consisting of four standard Series 2 TuneBlocks and a solid graphite platform for the motor enclosure, this kit offers a quick and easy way to get the most out of these wonderful tables.

TuneBlocks utilize the uniquely low acoustic impedance of carbon graphite to efficiently drain mechanical energy from audio components while isolating your components from shelf-related resonance. You'll notice reduced transient smearing and increased resolution through the reduction of the components' noise floor. TuneBlocks also improve localization of instruments and create a wider and deeper sound stage.

The new motor shelf developed for this upgrade kit is made from the same material as the TuneBlocks and is milled to tollerances better than 0.001", ensuring a perfectly flat surface for the motor.

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