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Customer Comments
The quotes below are just a few of the unsolicited comments we get about our products from customers around the world. And be sure to search forums like Audio Asylum and Audio Circle for more comments. People love our products!

Thank you so much for the speedy delivery. I am one happy fellow! These things are just amazing. I expected a little improvement but WOW this is a whole nother plateau of transparency and inner detail. I had no idea my wood floor and spikes were doing this to the sound, not to this degree. Adding the TuneBlocks S under the spikes is like upgrading a preamp or cartridge. I'm enjoying a new and deeper appreciation for my record collection. What is really amazing is the TuneBlocks do all this without bleaching out the harmonics or adding a false of warmth. This is my 3rd set of tuneblocks so I'm very confident in recommending them, with the 30 day return policy you have nothing to lose. Keep up the excellent work!

Dan Evans

Just wanted to let you know that I received the CD stabilizer and have been playing loads of CD's with it in the past few weeks. It works extremely well, bass has never been tighter in my setup. I can seriously recommend the stabilizer for use with the Rega Saturn!

JW Verheij

"I just bought a Mat 1 for my VPI Scoutmaster . It works very well ! The mids have more "body" now and the noisefloor dropped significantly. I informed VPI; they replied they will test the Mat 1. Thank you for a great product."

John van Polen
Leiden, the Netherlands

"Magic! Well, if I didn't know any better that's what I'd say about the Mat 1.

I knew something was up when the stylus dropped into the lead-in grooves and before the music even started -- a silence I'd never "heard" before. And that is exactly what the music emerges out of.

Throw in a much more coherent sound picture and a truly benign disregard of scratches and surface noise and there you have it -- a serious turntable upgrade, and cheap at the price!"

Frank Galvin

"[After inserting the TuneBlocks] I realized and was amazed that the sound was dead quiet. Instruments were very focused. Bass was really tight and the highs sparkles. It seems that I have a new system. My set-up is a bit old and I was'nt expecting a big upgrade in terms of sonic quality. I could here more instruments in the music. The sound stage was wide and there was added depth. But best thing of all was the sound was very clear and clean. The music sounded a bit louder this time maybe because of the absence of vibrations/noise in the system... I feel like I have a new system. Music always sounds clear, natural and lively, and I hear something new everytime I play my old cds and records. More power to you and your company."

Egardo Cruz

"I have used CD mats by Sound Improvment Disc, Marigo, Blacklight, Herbies Audio Labs and Aurex; and they were nice improvements for reducing "digititus", but the first time I used the CD Stabilizer, I was perplexed by the sound of the music. After a few minutes of listening, I realized that the mat eliminated virtually the entire electronic signature on the music and that I was listening to a closer to live acoustic event.

Your products are simply outstanding!"

Dave Morris

"...In a nutshell, the TuneBlocks outperformed the Mapleshades ["ultimate triplepoints"] in every test - decisively."

Glenn Ruffus
Customer Read the entire letter at Enjoy The Music

"Have received the Tuneblocks Series 2 XT w/TC. I have been using them for about half of day. My intial impression is WOW!!!

These Tuneblocks have made my Eastern Electric M520 amp bring out the best in sound especially on piano and guitar.The increased realism of piano decay and guitar plucking is mind boggling. You have a real keeper with these Tuneblocks. Glad I stumbled upon your ad and especially glad I decided to order the Rega Saturn cdp upgrade. Looks like my Herbie Isocups and Mapleshade Brass footers are going on the auction block!

It is that significant of improvement... This is a no brainer..."

Peter Camperos

"This is my second mat for another system. The mat is not only great sounding, it is a beautiful piece of design and engineering."

Gary Cunningham

"Got the T/C TuneBlocks on Saturday, and have been listening with them in place under my player, a Marantz 9500. They are simply superb in what they do for music; a very big gain in overall clarity and in that elusive quality of "presence" (especially elusive with CDs) are the things I've most noticed so far. A palpable increase in soundstage width (important since I listen exclusively through headphones -- Senn 650s, Musical Fidelity x-can v3), and a slightly more pronounced depth of soundstage are also noticeable. All these improvements are over the very good Ceraballs that I had been using, and which have now been shunted off to duty beneath my turntable."

Frank Galvin

"Peter Hardie from Reference Audio in New Zealand gave me one of your mats to try yesterday on my Linn LP12/Ekos/Armageddon turntable.

I thought that I was taking home something that Iíd try and then pass onto some friends for them to try and then Iíd send it back. However, I was not prepared for what I was about to hear. If I hadn't experienced this for myself I would have thought that all of the claims made for this mat were highly exaggerated. The improvement is enormous. (Iíve heard less change from an amplifier and speaker cable upgrade combined.) Thereís no way that this mat is leaving my turntable.

Iím using a TAG McLaren phono stage with Rogue Audio pre and power driving Martin Logan Vantage speakers. The change in the bass tightness and dynamics, clarity, soundstaging, detail and musicality are way beyond the cost of this mat.

I thought that the Martin Logans had re-opened my record collection but your mat has taken this much further.

Many thanks for developing this product which seems to be ideally voiced for the Linn LP12 Ė especially the way it extends the bass response and removes the upper bass bloom and muddiness.

I guess I need to send Peter a cheque...

Kind regards,

David Byron"

"I recently removed the acrylic mat supplied with my Oracle Mk. V and replaced it with a Mat 1 which had been modified to fit within the lip of the Oracle platter.

Results: more resolution, more bass extension, much tighter bass, dynamics to rival live performance, better dimensionality and palpability,etc. etc. This is the real deal, an absolute no-brainer.

I've tried all sorts of mats over the years; some were better in one or two respects but not so good in others. This is the first and only one which is better in all respects. It's a hands-down steal in the cost/performance dept.

After replacing the original mat with the Mat 1, I decided to try the Tuneblocks under the Oracle. Since the Oracle is a spring-suspended design I didn't expect a big difference in sound quality.

Holy Moly!!! The single biggest improvement to any piece of gear I've ever heard in over 46 years of audio experience. Take my comments above re: the Mat 1 and multiply by 5. An absolutely stupefying transformation. The use of Tungsten Carbide balls is critical, the stainless steel balls were good but the T.C. balls made the MAGIC happen.

Any Oracle owner without Tuneblocks and a Mat 1 is hearing only a fraction of what his/her turntable is capable of delivering.

Again, the cost/performance ratio here is absurd! I'm not merely happy; color me ecstatic!"

John Zermani

[NOTE: The stock Mat 1 will not fit the Oracle table. Please contact us for details on customizing the mat for Oracle tables.]

"Just a note to let you know the Mat 1 works great on my Amazon one turntable. A great turntable mat!"

Jonas Fung

"Your Mat is a winner. It has taken my vinyl playback to a clearer, tauter, lower noise floor (silent) appreciation level."

Bill O'Connell/Morninstar Audio

"I got the Mat 1 on Monday. I will not be returning it... everything is more defined, less smeared, and easier to listen to. I don't think I could have made a better upgrade for anything close to $200. While I still have some issues with my system (as my friend Karen said, "Hell, we all have issues." She was talking about something else, though), I am greatly pleased with my turntable upgrade. I appreciate your prompt and efficient attention, as well. Thank you."

Paul O'Brien

"Having bought and used isolation devices from the Townshend Seismic Sink to the Finite Elemente (Germany) Ceraballs, I was taking another chance with your Tune Blocks. Beneath the CD player, the improvements were of increased bass definition and widening of the sound stage besides improving the highs. For live recordings the sounds of the audience were greater (more being heard). But what was not expected was the improvements to the sound of the turntable, it was very impressive as the sound became more clearly focused. With the Ceraballs the sound stage experienced a sudden contraction against the Tune Blocks.

My wife who is not a real Hi Fi fan but loves music nonetheless noticed the changes wrought on the CD player. It was more 3D, with more depth and greater separation.

Thanks for a great product with such a huge improvement. Something I normally donít say, as the differences between tweaked and untweaked are so minimal."

Abdul Samad Yusof

"The Tune Blocks arrived yesterday and I installed them under my modified EAD DSP 9000 DAC. They improvement is outstanding. I'm an audiophile for more than 20 years and I belive to be very experienced and critical about improvements, but the Tune Blocks brought my DAC to another level."

Marco Magnani

"...something so small and cheap yet they make an enormous difference..." [TuneBlocks]

David Pickering

"I purchased the Mat 1 last week, and the TuneBlocks today. I am blown away by the detail and presence that these modifications have added to my listening experience. I am using a modest set-up. Goldring GR1 table with the included Elektra cartridge, and your products have revealed a quality of sound that I didn't think was possible."

Adam Hen

"Just received your turntable mat a couple days ago and thought I'd pass along my reactions. I'm using a Nottingham Spacedeck with a Hadcock 242 tonearm and AudioNote IQ-3 cartridge, and had been using an Extreme Audio mat. In a nutshell, what I thought might be a small incremental upgrade proved to be a dramatic improvement when I put your mat on the table. Especially in passages involving high massed strings (probably the bane of all LP listeners!) using the Boston mat was like bringing a blurry, distorted photograph into perfect focus. As I suggested, the improvement was not subtle. LPs that had always sounded a bit harsh and edgy were crystal-clear and above all musical and dynamic! As a side benefit, groove noise is now totally non-existent. Congratulations on a superlative product that has helped me take my collection of 5,000+ records to a new level!"

David Charvonia

"The TuneBlocks XT with the tungsten carbide bearings arrived yesterday. They were immediately inserted under my Eastern Electric M520 integrated tube amp. I try to contain my initial enthusiasm for new products to avoid the common human tendency to indulge in wishful thinking to justify oneís purchases. However, after more than ten hours of concentrated listening, I can state that the effect on the M520 was a startling improvement. The combination of TuneBlocks and this particular tube rectified amplifier is quite definitely (to use an overworked expression) a synergistic match noticeable even to non-audiophiles. Congratulations and thanks!"

Jonathan Horner

" my mat today . It is fantastic on inital listening. This appears to be the best improvement on my linn ever."

Joe Molinar

"I received your Mat 1 yesterday, and all I have to say is that this mat is the vastest improvement to my beloved Garrard 301. Many thanks."

Dieter Schroeder

"[With the Mat 1] there is a clearer definition at the leading edge throughout the entire frequency spectrum. For example, previously female vocals tend to be very clear but also to come out from a mass of music. Now, I can actually "visualize" that the vocals belong to a "face" and comes out from at the height of a human being... Also, once the music gets a bit "crazy" and complex, it is much easier to differentiate the instruments.

To recap, my turntable is a Kuzma Stabi Reference with Stabi Reference arm, and a Koetsu Rosewood Signature cartridge."

Peter Sim

"The mat arrived safely several days ago and I have been eagerly enjoying it. I am using it on a Nottingham Spacedeck using a clamp (sounds better coupled to me). It offers amazing detail, pinpoint imaging, and improved overall soundstage."

Avie Grunspan

"Your "Mat 1" crushes Extreme Phono's "Speed"..."

Brad Ellis

"I have 20 different mats from Living Voice, Herbie, Ringmat, etc. None of them sound as good as the Mat 1 with any turnatble I have used."

Rob Doughty
Applause Audio

"I like the Boston Mat very much. It's well designed and offered a very balanced performance. It gave excellent results with the Nottinghams as well as the Linn, and bettered the performance of a more expensive mat. It will be the only mat we will offer our customers."

Todd Saucier
Codell Audio

"Now comparing the turntable with the Nottingham foam Mat to the turntable with the Boston Audio Mat is similar to comparing a 33 rpm recording to a 45 rpm recording!"

Barry Rubin

"I must admit that I have tried four mats, and my favorite situation - and by a large margin- is your Boston Audio mat.... This combination [Mat 1 and Nottingham Spacedeck] is just right - clean, firm, and fast, but with a really nice dark background that doesn't feel spongy or slow.

Best regards and thank you for your nice product."

Steve Moore

"Excellent! I tested the Mat 1 against:

  • Ringmat 330 Anniversary Edition
  • ExtremePhono Donut
  • AudioQuest Sorbogel

And it beat all of them.

Frequency response was linear (unlike the donut and audioquest which robbed the sound around 2khz and made the bass rather spongy), and music was much better integrated than with the Ringmat. Transients were also improved, timing and dynamics also.

I'm very impressed. Thanks very much... A great product."

Alan Davies

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