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The Mat 2 Wins Award

We are pleased to announce that the Mat 2 has won HiFi Review's "Best Buy of the Year" award in the Accessories category.

Special thanks goes to Eric Lo, our distributor in Hong Kong, and to everyone at his company A&M Promotions. Thank you Eric!

Considering that this is our second major award, we would like to take this opportunity to change our company position on awards. We no longer agree with Charles Ives' famous quote on awards. Obviously, he never won two awards.

Learn more about the Mat 2.

Here's what people are saying about the new Mat 2:

"Focused" and "neutral" are the words I used to describe the sonic effect of the Mat 1, and the Mat 2 increases these to the point that it sounds distinctly better. It firms things up, anchoring musicians in the soundfield and sharpening their placement in relation to each other.... The Mat 2 doesn't skew tonality, warming up or cooling off the sound. It lets the glory of the vinyl speak for itself, and if you're listening to LPs that's exactly what you'll want to try the Mat 2 without delay.

Marc Mickelson

...Iíve given the Mat 1 a Tweak of the Year Award, and now Iím here to tell you there is a thicker version that out-performs it... I tried both on the VPI Scout with a JMW 9 Signature arm and while the Mat 1 was great, the Mat 2 really proved to be worth the extra money. If your arm has VTA adjustment, get the thick one and you will forget about a turntable upgrade until the economic crisis is long gone.

Rick Becker
Enjoy The Music

Try the Mat 2 for yourself. Click the link below to order.

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