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Mat 2 Wins HiFi Review's
"Best Buy of the Year" Award Reviews the
TuneBlock SE

SoundStage! Reviews the Mat 1

New TunePlates Review

TuneBlock SE White Paper Available

Positive Feedback Reviews
Series 2 TuneBlocks

TuneBlocks review from
Audiophile Audition

Mat 1 review from

TuneBlocks and the Mat 1 win
"Best of 2005 Equipment Award"
from Enjoy The Music

Korea's Hifi Club
Raves about the
Mat 1 and TuneBlocks

The Mat 1 gets rave review by
Enjoy The


Boston Audio Design manufactures audiophile accessories that help you get the most from the equipment you already own.

Our award-winning TuneBlocks bring the many energy absorption benefits of pure carbon to a wide variety of applications - including CD / DVD players, preamps, power conditioners, turntables, amplifiers and speakers.

The Mat 1 and Mat 2 are pure carbon record mats praised by audiophiles worldwide. Whether you own a Linn, VPI, Rega, Acoustic Signature, Clearaudio, Nottingham or almost any other turntable, our record mats are one of the most cost-effective upgrades you can make to your system.

What People Say About our LP Mats...

                                - Michael Fremer
     Stereophile Magazine (October 2009)

"...I prefer the more neutral - yet still rich and visceral - sound with the Mat 1."
                           - SoundStage!
"...the Mat 1 is the best and most efficacious audio accessory I have ever found."
                           - Positive Feedback
"It should be clear that we're quite blown away by Austin Jackson's deceptively simple device..."
"Yumpin' yimminie this thing works! It was exactly what I felt was needed. Everything came into precise focus; the overall harmonics were smoother and more cohesive too!"
                           - Steven R. Rochlin
 Clearaudio Ambient Turntable Review

"It took only seconds to realize something special had happened... the Mat 1 was instantly superior."
                           - Enjoy The Music

" owe it to yourself to audition the Mat 1. Be prepared, however ó you may find that you canít listen without it."
                           - Positive Feedback

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What People Say About TuneBlocks...

"...the tonal richness of the music eclipsed the previous standard set by the combination of Stillpoints on a Symposium Acoustics Svelte Shelf."
                          - Enjoy The Music
                            Read the Review

"I highly recommend you give them a try."
                          - Positive Feedback
                            Read the Review

"They were audibly superior to the previous feet, adding a general clarity and better soundstaging that made the Sony player [$299] - when playing an identical multichannel SACD to one in the $2200 more expensive Integra player - sound nearly identical."
                          - Audiophile Audition
                            Read the Review

"...I decided to try the Tuneblocks under the Oracle. Since the Oracle is a spring-suspended design I didn't expect a big difference in sound quality. Holy Moly!!! The single biggest improvement to any piece of gear I've ever heard in over 46 years of audio experience.
                             - John Zermani

"I can't tell you how many different devices and methods of isolation and/or coupling I've experimented with over the years...but the TuneBlocks are the most effective tweak I've tried. They extend the performance enhancements provided by the Mat 1 to other components and to my ear expand on the benefits."
                             - Ray Shepeherd

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